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Zine - In your dreams, blurred and distinct


In your dreams, blurred and distinct, a zine by Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison.

A 15cm X 10.5cm, 32 page B&W zine, hand-stitched with black thread.

In your dreams, blurred and distinct features the text, several collage, and drawings components, from our installation as part of the exhibition In Your Dreams.

Carrying with her the protective warmth of a day spent given over to work, she lies on the bed and waits for sleep with open eyes. She waits for the familiar smudges of furniture to emerge from the darkness of the room. At her side, a small cat burrows, trying to make a well between her waist, the crook of her elbow, and the mattress beneath. Clockwise, clockwise, round and round, the little frame of the Siamese cat, now more bone than flesh, slowly, awkwardly, rhythmically rotates in his search for sleep, but he cannot settle. At night, the long black cat that follows him by day cannot be seen, but is still felt: his long shadow, his time soon up. This nightly courtship, a dance performed as comfort sought, as constant as the stars.


All zines are wrapped in an envelope with cardboard insert to ensure arrival of a smooth zine to your door.

Zine proportions: 15cm X 10.5cm.

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